Rules of Pleaseland

If you need help, please make a ticket to a GM. Click on the red "?" at the bottom right of your screen ->"Talk to a GM" -> "Open a ticket". The ticket will be answered as soon as possible providing the character who made it is currently online.

To ensure a pleasant playing environment to everybody on the server, to guarantee the safety of the players and to help the server run smoothly, we have the following rules set up. Please read them carefully and follow them ingame.

1. Lost items. If you happen to have lost an item or several items, please contact to admin with proof that you have had it before such as screen shots. You may contact the admin by sending an email to “moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed”.

2. Report bugs. If there any bugs, please post the bug on the forum or report it to the admin. It will help us to more quickly fix the bugs.

3. Sharing accounts or giving out account information is forbidden, this includes trading/selling/giving accounts to other players.

  • Punishment: Two (2) months account suspension.

4. Hacking or the use of third party applications (this includes scripts, bots, hacking programs and Cheat Engine) to the player's own advantage or to exploit bugs on the server, is not allowed. If anyone breaking this rule is found, please report them to the GM's or the admin. If the offenders are found guilty, they will immediatly receive a punishment without a single warning.

  • Punishment: 90 days account ban or IP ban, depending on the severity of the offense.

5. Racism of any form is not tolerated. Doing so will result in immediate punishment without warning.

  • First offense: 24 hours mute.
  • Second offense: 48 hours mute.
  • Third offense or higher: Atleast 72 hours ban.

6. Being rude or disrespectful to a Game Master will not be tolerated. (This includes trolling GMs and giving them a hard time.)

  • First offense: 24 hours mute
  • Second offense: 48 hours mute.
  • Third offense: 72 hours ban.
  • Fourth or higher offense: Atleast 7 days ban.

7. Fights and arguments are not allowed in the world chat. If you have something to argue about, do it privately using whispers. Repeating or continuing after being told to stop by a GM will result in a punishment. When a GM tells people in the world chat to stop arguing, it's a warning to everybody and not just to the players at which it was directed.

  • Punishment: 6 hours mute.

8. Speaking a different language than English is prohibited in all public chats, such as say, yell, channels and the world chat. If you wish to speak to other people using your own language, use a private chat, such as whispers, party chat or guild chat. Breaking this rule after being warned will result in a punishment.

  • Punishment: Kick or 2 hours mute.

9. Offensive or inappropiate character names are not allowed, this includes offensive words in ALL languages this will result in the character being instantly locked and references to drugs or other inappropiate things. You will need to contact admins at "moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed" to have the character name changed.

  • Punishment: Character lock untill the name of the locked character has been changed.

10. Impersonating an admin or GM is a serious offense and will not be tolerated in any way. This also includes the use of the blizz icon addon, use it and you will be punished, no exception. 1 month account ban and continuously doing so will result in a permanent IP ban.

  • First offense: 30 days ban.
  • Continuous offenses: Permanent account and IP ban.

11. Being disrespectful to other players is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to; calling them names and using offensive language to offend the player. In a situation where this rule has been broken severly, you will be punished. (The word “noob” does not class as offensive as there has been many misunderstandings with this terminology.)

  • First offense: 24 hours mute
  • Second offense: 48 hours mute.
  • Third offense: 72 hours ban.
  • Fourth offense or higher: Atleast 7 days ban.

12. Spamming of any type is not tolerated on the servers. This includes spamming emotes. Depending upon the severity at the GM’s discretion you will be punished. Minor offenses include emote spamming, spamming say and most other types of spamming. Major offenses include spamming the world chat severily with the intention of breaking the rule or being a nuisance to the rest of the players.

  • First minor offense: 12 hours mute.
  • Second minor offense: 24 hours mute.
  • Third minor offense or higher: 48 hours mute or ban.
  • First major offense: 7 days ban.
  • Second major offense or higher: Atleast 14 days ban.

13. Bug abusing in any way is not allowed and will result in a punishment. Repeated offenses will increase the length of the current account ban or will result in worse punishments.

  • First offense: 48 hours ban.
  • Second offense: 5 days ban.

Third offense or higher: Atleast 7 days ban.
14. Mounting with flying mounts then entering instances is not allowed and is considered bug abuse. See rule #13 for more information.

  • Punishment: See rule #13.

15. Dueling, being flagged or PvPing in any way in open instances is not allowed and will result in a punishment. (The Great Arena and Nagrand Arena are expections to this rule and attacking other players while they are fighting the bosses is allowed.)

  • Punishment: 24 hours ban.

16. Any drug related talk in ANY public channel is forbidden. Continuously breaking this rule after being warned will result in a punishment.

  • Punishment: 24 hours mute.

17. Using abilities with the sole purpose of resetting bosses open instances is not allowed, for example using taunt to pull the boss away from it's original position to reset the boss.

  • Punishment: 24 hours character lock.

18. Abusing the possibilty of using abilities while the opponent is not in line of sight is not allowed. This is when you are casting offensive spells and abilities through objects to hit another player.

  • Punishment: 48 hours character lock.

19. Using caps inappropiately is not allowed and continuously breaking this rule after being warned will result in a punishment.

  • Punishment: 1 hours mute.

20. Talking about other servers and mentioning their names is not allowed and will result in a punishment when doing so after being warned.

  • Punishment: 1 hour mute.

21. Advertising for another server is strongly prohibited and will not be tolerated in any way. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate punishment without prior warnings.

  • Punishment: 30 days or higher.

22. Dueling, being flagged or PvPing whilst being morphed or scaled is not allowed, as it can make fights unfair. There are some exceptions, such as humanoid morphs that don't affect the behavior of your character or it's size. Please ask a GM if you wish to know if a morph is allowed and don't judge yourself whether it is allowed or not.
Scaling up extremely large and morphs that shakes the causes the ground to shake or those that are too large are forbidden. You will either be demorphed or scaled back down and if you do not stop, further punishment will be put into action.

  • Punishment: 72 hours character ban.

23. Scamming from players will result in punishment such as for items and accounts etc. The player must provide proof of the scam such as with SS.

  • Punishment: Account ban depending on the severity and what was being scammed.

GM and ticket rules

1. Asking Game Masters for any of the following things could result in a ban or kick:

  • Levels
  • Items
  • Teleportation
  • Money
  • Talent points
  • Server restart
  • Kick
  • Modification in any form
  • Runs/boost
  • Events

2. Disrespecting a GM is not tolerated.
3. Asking for your ticket to be read will result in said ticket be deleted.
4. State your problem in the ticket as asking a GM to whisper you is not an ideal thing to do.
5. Making unnecessary or offensive tickets will result in the ticket being automatically deleted.


Pleaseland-wow will not provide refunds under any circumstances. If you haven’t received your payment reward without payment proof, you will not get a refund. If you haven't received, please contact the admins. Admins will fix it for you, the contact email is “moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed”.
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and thank you for playing on Pleaseland-wow!
Hope this can help more players

Transfer and upgrade issue

1. You could donate 20$ on the donation page for transfer the vip gears to other char in the same account. Plus: We only transfer the VIP sets, haste tabard , and custom items. and full talents. But if you pay for upgrade vip set, then you could get one time free transfer to another char in the same account.

2. It costs an extra 10$ to add status to non-custom item. For example, if you add 13k stamina to non-custom, it will cost 20$ in total. If it's a custom already, then just pay for the status with don't need the extra 10$.

3. It costs 10$ for change the name, description and id, but if you pay add at least 10$ status, then you could get free change of the the name and description and model.

4. It cost 10$ per one for change the intell, stamina, strength, agi, spirit with each other. Other status can't change.

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