VIP and Donating

This is a little guide for players that would like to donate to the server. I hope it can answer most for your questions. The original guide can be found here.

1. Donating to the server

Donating to the server is important, as it helps to keep the server up and running. Renting and maintaining costs money, which not everybody realises. I'd like to thank everybody who has donated or is planning to donate, as it makes it possible for me to keep playing here. If you donate to the server, you get several advantages and items regular players don't get.

If there is anything you'd like to ask the admin, Clara, personally, you can send her an email to this email-address: moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed

1.1 The donation page

You can donate on the donation page on the main website; There are several options you can choose from, depending on the reward you'd like.

Like I've mentioned before, there are several options you can choose from, depending on the reward you'd like for your donation;


You select the realm on which the character, that you'd like to donate for, is.


You select the character, that you'd like to donate for, here.


Tick this if you'd like a set of VIP gear as your reward. There are several sets you can choose from, all differing in price and stats. You can see a showcase of these sets in the Mission Area at the gnomes on the Spectral Tigers. Each of them have a different name, matching the VIP Set they show. There are six levels of VIP sets, VIP1 to VIP6. You can choose between three different options for each set, Full Set, Armor Only and Weapons Only.
Full Set is named VIPx(with weapons). You get all eight pieces of armor, the accesoires matching your set, the weapon(s) you choose and a relic, depending on your class.
Armor Only is named VIPx(without weapons). You get all eight pieces of armor and the accesoires matching your set.
Weapons Only is named VIPx(weapons). You get the weapon(s) you choose and a relic, depending on your class.

You can choose from several types of weapons;
One-handed and off-handed swords
One-handed and off-handed daggers
One-handed and off-handed TF swords (these look like Thunderfury, Blessing of the Windseeker)
One-handed axe
One-handed hammer (mace)
Two-handed sword
Two-handed axe
Two-handed hammer (mace)

VIP Upgrade

Select this if you'd like to upgrade your current VIP set to a higher VIP set. You'll pay the difference between the two sets.


Select this if you'd like to buy a haste tabard. Different types of haste tabard give different amounts of haste and stats.

Full Talents

Select this if you'd like to buy full talents. Full talents allow you to use all of your talents.


Select this if you'd like to donate for something that is not on the list, like race changes, weapon customization and such. Please send an email to the admin before you use this option, so it is all clear and she agrees before you make the purchase. This way you won't cause any problems.


Select this if you'd like to transfer your VIP set, tabard, custom item or full talents to another character.

1.2 VIP status

Every donation comes with VIP status. VIP status counts for your whole account. So if you donate for VIP1, you get VIP status for your whole account, including your alts. VIP status allows you to enter VIP instances, to equip gear that is limited to only VIPs, to morph using the Pandora's Box, to do daily material quests that are only for VIPs, to learn 'Dual Wield' on any alt and to access certain upgrades and quests.

1.3 Custom Make Page

It is possible to make a custom item as reward for your donation. Your custom item has to cost atleast 30 USD. Select the realm and the characted you'd like to make it for like at the Donation Page. Fill in all neccesary information about the item, such as name, type etc. If there is something you don't want on your custom item, like Critical Strike Rating, leave the text field open and don't fill anything in.
Click on 'Price Aggregate' if you'd like to know the current price of the custom item you've made.
Click on 'Confirm to Buy' if you're happy with your custom item and you're ready to donate for it.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have donated for something. How do I get it ingame?
A: You receive the item(s) by using your Moonlight Box and then click on 'Receive Online'.

Q: How long does it take untill I have my item(s)?
A: That depends on what you've donated for. VIP sets and haste tabards are instantly. Upgrades, full talents, transfers, custom items and race changes require the attention of the admin and she'll process them manually when she has the time. This usually happens when she gets online.

Q: I would like to donate for something, but it's not on the list. Help me!
A: If there is something you'd like to donate for, but it's not on the list, like a race change, send an email to the admin.

Q: I have donated for a VIP set, but I don't like the weapons. Can I change them?
A: You can change the weapons within two days after the purchase.

Q: What was the email address of the admin again?
A: moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed. When you send her an email, be clear about what you want or about what the problem is, so she can help you easily and quickly.

Q: I have a problem with my donation. Can you help me?
A: If you have a problem with your donation, send an email to the admin and she'll see if she can help you.

Q: I have donated for something, but I'd like a refund. Can I request a refund?
A: No, you can't. Once you've donated the money, it's final. No excuses.

Q: I have a problem with my donation, but the admin won't reply me back quickly enough. Can a GM fix it for me?
A: GMs can't help you with any donation problems, besides answering your questions. You're going to have to wait for a response from the admin.

Q: I want to donate for a friend. Can I log into his account and donate for him?
A: No, sharing your account information is against the rules. You can send him the money however. You'll have to find another way to get it done besides sharing account information.

Q: I would like to donate for a custom item, but the model is not in the list.
A: Send an email to the admin with all the information of the custom item, like name, damage, description etc. There is a guide stickied in the guide section that explains how to set up that email.

Q: Is there any way to donate besides using PayPal?
A: Not as far as I know. You have to email the admin about that. She might not agree with a different payment method though.

Q: I've donated for a custom item and the admin told me they've made it, but when I go to 'Receive Online' it gives me an error. Help me!
A: The admin has to manually add them to the game. It requires a server restart before you can receive it.

Q: Can you donate for me?
A: No fucking way. Get your own job and donate the money yourself, you little beggar! Get out of my face.

Q: Oh… You don't have to be so harsh! I would like to thank you for the guide though.
A: That's not a question, but you're welcome. If you have any more questions, I'm always here to help you.

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