Combat Rogue Compendium

1. Introduction

This is a compendium of information on the main aspects of combat rogues. It should contain everything regarding the basics of combat rogues and how they should be geared up to accomplish their mission. This is an advanced guide that can help new players start off as a rogue and can serve as a source of information for more experienced players. This guide was adapted from Grappemaker's "Fury Warrior Compendium."

If you have any suggestions for this guide or any theories that can increase your DPS or maximize your survivability in PvP, you can always post here in this thread, PM Phish1, or whisper him in-game.

2. Talents and Glyphs

2.1 Talents

As a rogue you are going to want to spec into the Combat Specialization. Why should one spec into combat instead of assassination or subtlety? Combat spec grants you attack speed increases, a highly useful mastery, it increases the damage of your off-hand, and it enhances your DPS by a lot in comparison to the other two talent trees.

In section I will explain a lot about all the talents a combat rogue has access to. Please note that a combat rogue may not have access to all talents in subtlety and assassination. Why would I rather explain all the talents than posting my build on here? Firstly my build will be very different from what the average rogue would have due to me having a GMHT and secondly so I can advise you which talents are the most important and based on that you can create your own build for the purpose you wish to use it for, rather than having to be obligated to use a certain build.

We have 3 different types of talents:
Important - These are important talents that will either increase your capabilities as a rogue or are needed to work your way up to the last talent.
Optional - These are optional talents you may wish to choose depending on the purpose of your build and they can help you work your way up to the last talent.
Waste - You practically waste talent points by using these talents, as they are unneeded. Even if you wish to use them to work your way up, there are way better options.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
Improved Sinister Strike Important This talent increases the damage done by the main combo point generating ability you will use as a rogue and reduces its energy cost.
Precision Optional Due to the high hit chance you have already and given that you will be attacking at such a high speed your poisons will have no trouble being applied, this talent is optional only because not everyone will have the high hit chance that I had. If you do have a 100% or greater hit chance you may ignore this talent entirely.
Improved Recuperate Important This ability improves the only self heal that rogues have and while that ability is active you will now take less damage for its duration.
Improved Slice and Dice Important This increases the duration of the most useful ability rogues have to help get them to 0.00 attack speed.
Improved Sprint Waste This ability is supposed to remove all movement impairing effects on the rogue but it is bugged on Pleaseland and does not work properly.
Aggression Important This talent increases the damage of your Sinister Strike, Backstab, and Eviscerate abilities, the first of which you will find yourself using quite often.
Improved Kick Important Very useful as it makes your Kick ability not only interrupt spellcasting but silence the target as well. This is very useful in PVE and PVP.
Lightning Reflexes Waste This talent is supposed to, when fully speced, increase your chance to dodge enemy attacks by 9% and increase your attack speed by 6%. The last time I checked the attack speed increase does not work and you already have a 90% dodge chance if you are decently geared.
Revealing Strike Important A strike that hits for 125% weapon damage and increases the effectiveness of your next finishing move by 35%. It also awards 1 combo point thus it's useful if you use Eviscerate or another damage based finishing move. It has no effect on Slice and Dice.
Reinforced Leather Important ncreases the armor contribution from leather and cloth items by 50%. This can be useful however there is a percentage cap on damage reduction granted by armor of 75% so be aware of how close you are to that cap.
Improved Gouge Optional Rather useful in PVP if you want to incapacitate your enemy for a longer period of time in order to vanish or get to a more tactical position than if you didn't spec this talent.
Combat Potency Important Because of your high hit chance on Pleaseland and due to the fact that you will be attacking very fast this is a very useful talent to spec in order to regenerate your energy very quickly.
Blade Twisting Important Grants your melee attacks a 40% chance to daze the target, reducing their movement speed by 70%. This is a very useful talent for both PVP and for PVE.
Throwing Specialization Waste You won't really have any need to rely on throwing weapons in PVP and you are much better off using kick because of how often you will be in melee range and not throwing range.
Adrenaline Rush Important Very nice ability to have as it not only increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% allowing you to use combo point generating abilities much more often but it also increases your attack speed by 20% in case you need a little extra boost.
Savage Combat Important This ability is immensely useful as you will be poisoning your enemies very often and besides, who doesn't want an attack power increase?
Bandit's Guile Important You need it to get Killing Spree. Otherwise I don't really think it even works.
Restless Blades Optional This is a nice talent for those of you who use damaging finishing moves in PVP and PVE. Your finishing moves reduce the cooldown of your Adrenaline Rush, Killing Spree, Sprint, Redirect, and Sprint abilities by 2 seconds per combo point.
Killing Spree Important Attacks an enemy every 0.5 sec with both weapons until 5 assaults are made, and increasing all damage done by 20% for the duration. Can hit the same target multiple times. This one speaks for itself.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
Deadly Momentum Important This talent is mostly useful because after you kill an enemy that yields honor your Slice and Dice and recuperate abilities are refreshed to their original duration.
Coup de Grace Optional Use this if you want to hit higher with Eviscerate or Envenom.
Lethality Optional If you have a high crit chance this is a pretty good option to go with. It will increase the critical strike damage bonus of your Sinister Strike by 30%.
Ruthlessness Optional If you want some extra combo points to get to using your finishing moves more quickly this is a good option.
Quickening Optional If you want to move faster and if you want to have your recuperate heal you faster this is a good option.
Puncturing Wounds Waste Given that combat rogues will mainly use swords and not daggers, this talent is useless as it only affects abilities that require the use of daggers.
Blackjack Optional This is rather useful if you want to reduce the damage of your target after your sap wears off. It definitely increases your survivability after opening.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
Nightstalker Important This is highly useful as it increases your movement speed while stealthed.
Improved Ambush Optional If you are one of those rogues that would rather open up with high damage than use a stun this is the talent for you. Also you will need this specced for Waylay.
Relentless Strikes Important This is yet another useful energy restoring talent.
Elusiveness Optional This is useful if because it reduces the cooldown on your Vanish, Blind, Cloak of Shadows, and Combat Readiness. Vanish is rather bugged at the moment so this is optional.
Waylay Optional This is optional only because the talent that you have to spec in order to be able to spec this one is optional. This is a highly useful tool against players on Pleaseland. It reduces their attack speed by 20% which can be the downfall of many players on a server highly reliant on haste.
Opporotunity Optional Again this is pretty useful for those of you who prefer to open up with something other than a stun or for those of you who, for whatever reason, are using daggers.
Initiative Important In this case it doesn't matter what ability you use to open up with. This is a highly important talent as it allows you to activate Slice and Dice directly after opening.

2.2 Masteries

You have three different masteries as a rogue as with any other class, each in a different talent tree. Since this compendium is about being a combat rogue, you will get Main Gauche. You can see all the masteries by going to your talent tree and then clicking on "View Summaries" on the bottom of the window.

Your main-hand attacks have a x% chance to grant you an attack that deals damage equal to 100% of a main-hand attack. Each point of Mastery increases the chance by an additional 2.00%.

2.3 Prime Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Adrenaline Rush Important ncreases the duration of Adrenaline Rush by 5 seconds. Adrenaline rush is very useful in increasing your attack speed and energy regeneration. The longer it lasts the better.
Backstab Waste Since you won't be using daggers as a combat rogue, this is useless.
Eviscerate Waste Being capped on crit rating, this is useless.
Killing Spree Important As a fury warrior, you won't have Mortal Strike.
Revealing Strike Optional As you will be using Slice and Dice more often than any other finishing move and as Slice and Dice isn't affected by Revealing Strike, this is only useful for those of you who prefer to use a damage based finishing move after you proc Slice and Dice.
Sinister Strike Important This is highly important as this is the combo point generating ability you will use most often. This glyph gives your Sinister Strikes a 20% chance to add an additional combo point which is useful for getting a longer duration Slice and Dice.
Rupture Waste You will almost never use this spell.
Slice and Dice Important Increases the duration of your Slice and Dice ability by 6 seconds. This is highly important as it will allow you to maintain 0.00 attack speed for that much longer.
Hemorrhage Waste Just plain useless as you won't even have Hemorrhage in Combat.

2.4 Major Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Blade Flurry Important Reduces the Energy regeneration penalty while Blade Flurry is active by 50%.
Sprint Important Increases the movement speed of your sprint ability by an additional 30%. Pretty useful in any situation that you use sprint in.
Expose Armor Optional Increases the duration of your Expose Armor ability by 12 seconds. Useful more for PVE.
Cloak of Shadows Rush Optional Reduces the physical damage you take while Cloak of Shadows is active by 40%.
Blind Optional Removes damage-over-time effects from your target which you have affected with Blind. Rather useful as damage done to the target will remove Blind from them.
Vanish Waste Since Vanish doesn't work properly the effect that this glyph gives you is useless.
Fan of Knives Optional Increases the radius of Fan of Knives by 50%. This can be useful when battling enemy rogues.
Kick Optional All in all, if you successfully interrupt a spell then it's good and you reduce the cooldown on it by 2 seconds. However, since Improved Kick makes it so you can silence a target, this is almost useless because you don't have to interrupt to silence. Ergo, you are increasing the cooldown on it for at your own risk.
Sap Waste Your sap already affects non player targets for 1 whole minute. This isn't worth one of your precious 3 spots.
Gouge Optional If you ever need to incapacitate your target by using Gouge this glyph makes it so you don't even have to be facing your target to activate it. This makes it easier to get behind your target if they are behind you or something along those lines.
Tricks of the Trade Waste You will never use this spell and it is not worth one of your 3 slots.
Crippling Poison Waste You won't need any help getting your poisons to apply.
Deadly Throw Waste You won't use this spell as a combat rogue.
Preparation Optional With this your preparation ability instantly resets the cooldown of Kick, Dismantle, and Smoke Bomb all of which are useful spells.
Ambush Optional Again if you prefer to open up with damage instead of a stun or if you know your target has close to or exactly 100% stun resist this is a good choice because you won't need to be right on top of your target to use Ambush anymore.
Feint Waste You won't use this spell as a combat rogue.
Garrote Optional If you want to open up with a silence this will increase the duration of that silence by 1.5 seconds.
Evasion Optional Evasion is really only useful for dodging spells because you already have 90% dodge as a combat rogue. So if you want to increase the duration of Evasion by 5 seconds then use this glyph.

2.5 Minor Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Poisons Optional With this glyph you apply poisons to your weapons 50% faster.
Distract Optional Increases the range of your distract ability by 5 yards. I'm not even sure if distract works on Pleaseland's custom mobs but whatever.
Blurred Speed Optional While your sprint ability is active you can walk on water. It's better than all the minor glyphs below for sure.
Pick Lock Waste Useless on Pleaseland.
Pickpocket Waste Useless on Pleaseland.
Safe Fall Waste You don't take fall damage on Pleaseland.

3. Gear

Well everybody knows that gear is really important, but what kind of gear is the best? What stats do you need to maximize your DPS or be able to run that instance? How much haste do you need to hit 0.00? What stat should I prioritize?

In this section I will outline all the stats that apply to a rogue, what they are used for, what their benefits are and how they can help you. You'll know the purpose and the benefits of every single stat after you've read the following subsection.

3.1 Stats

Stats are one of the most important things when gearing up and building your character. Stats define the strengths of your character and can make a difference between life or death in some situations. Some stats increase your survivability, some stats increase your DPS, some do both. Some stats are more important than others though and in the next paragraphs I will be explaining the prioritization, the importance and the basics of the stats.

Stats prioritization

In this paragraph I will explain in which order you have prioritise stats and how much you should get of each before going to the next one. Use your own common sense to choose which stats you prefer over others. This is a mere guideline to give you an overal idea of which stats are the most important and which are less important.

  1. Haste
  2. Dodge chance, crit chance and hit chance.
  3. Strength and stamina.
  4. Agility, expertise, mastery and resilience.
  5. Other stats

Once you hit the cap of a certain stat, there is no need to keep working on that stat anymore. If you wonder why I prioritised dodge chance, crit chance and hit chance so high, read the stats breakdown in the next paragraph.

Stats breakdown

In this paragraph I will explain the characteristics of the most important and the most common stats in game.


- Grants 1 attack power per 1 strength.
Strength increases your attack power. Attack power increases your DPS and increases the damage done by most of your damaging spells. Strength is an important stat, but don't concentrate on it too much.


- Grants 2 attack power per 1 agility.
- Grants 1% Dodge Chance per 243.52 Agility.
- Grants 1% Critical Strike Chance per 324.72 Agility
Agility is the most important attack power granting stat for rogues. Agility raises your chance to dodge and your chance to critically hit with your attacks. Increasing your dodge chance to 90% significantly increases your survivability and when your hits are critical every single time, it significantly increases your DPS as well.


- Grants 14 health per 1 stamina.
Stamina increases your health by quite a decent amount. When another player targets you, the first thing they will notice is your health. If you have a low amount of health, you are most likely not geared up very well and if you have a whole lot of health, you are most likely geared up very well.This is due to the fact that stamina comes along with almost all the gear. However, just because someone appears to be poorly geared because of their health doesn't mean they are poorly geared.


A plain useless stat to rogues. It increases your spell power, which doesn't benefit you in anyway.


A plain useless stat to rogues as well. It increases your mana regeneration, but due to the fact that you don't use mana as a rogue, there is no need to stack it.


Hitting 0.00 attack speed is what makes your DPS as a rogue so much higher than most other classes, well that and Ambidexterity. Just simply hitting 0.00 attack speed isn't good enough, you wish to keep 0.00 constantly, because hitting it once for a few seconds and then losing it for 20 seconds is quite useless. Usually as a rogue you won't have this problem though.

Hit Chance

Being able to hit your enemies is quite important. You may have as much agility as you want and as much haste as you wish, but as long as you can't hit your enemies, it's of no use. A lot of gear comes with additions to Hit Rating though, so you don't worry about it.

Critical Strike Chance

Like explained earlier, critically hitting constantly can significantly increase your DPS. But just like with hit rating, a lot of gear comes with critical strike rating, so you don't really have to concentrate on it. Usually by the time you are in even halfway decent gear you will have close to or more than a 100% Critical Strike Chance.


Expertise reduces the chance that your attack will be dodged or parried. You could also say, even though it's an incorrect statement, that expertise increases your chance to hit an enemy with a high dodge chance. This could help you a lot in PvP when fighting enemies with a lot of dodge chance which almost every Pleaseland player will have. However, when fighting enemies with low to none dodge chance or when fighting mobs it's not very useful.


Mastery increases the benefits you gain from your spec mastery, explained earlier in the guide at paragraph 2.2 Masteries. Mastery can be quite useful and increasing your mastery can increase your DPS slightly. It also boosts your dps from Main Gauche. Mastery is a useful stat and because it increases your dps, you should focus a bit more on it.


Armor decreases the physical damage taken by a percentage depending on the amount of armor you have. Armor is useful and greatly enhances your survivability. You gain a lot of armor from regular items, so there is no need to focus on it too much. Armor is capped at 75% physical damage reduction.


Dodge increases your chance to dodge. You can only dodge attacks from the front. Having a capped amount of dodge greatly increases your survivability and you shouldn't definately make sure you have 90% dodge at all times. You usually don't have to concentrate on dodge too much, since you gain quite a lot from agility.


Parry works almost the same as dodge, but is a lot harder to get. Don't focus on this stat as a rogue.


Works nearly the same as the previous two, but shouldn't be focused on either, due to the fact that it's hard to get a lot of as well. Also, block caps off at 23.00%.


This is a great stat for PvP. It decreases the damage done by player and their pets and minions. Resilience is capped at 25% though.


Resistances decrease the spell damage taken from certain pools. 1 Resistance decreases spell damage taken from that pool by around 14-15%.

3.2 Haste

You could say that haste is the most important stat around for combat rogues. It increases your attack speed and when your attack speed reaches 0.00, you will attack at an incredible speed and thus increasing your DPS by a lot.

To gain an attack speed of 0.00, 100% haste or 12900 haste rating is required.

As a combat rogue, you will have the spell Slice and Dice, which increases your attack speed by 40% when active. This changes the amount of haste needed by quite a lot.
12900 x 0.40 = 5,160 haste rating.

There are quite a lot of items that grant haste rating. Here is a list of basic equipment that most players should be able to get.

Item Haste Rating
5@The Prince's Symbol of Cruelty 800 + 1935 haste rating
4@The Prince's Symbol of Cruelty 700 haste rating
5@The Prince's Cape of Cruelty 800 haste rating
5@Earthshaker's Rivalry Nut 800 haste rating
4@Earthshaker's Rivalry Nut 700 haste rating
5@Earthshaker's Strife Charm 800 haste rating
5@The Bronze Tabard 700 haste rating
Mysterious Unreal Light Sword 1926 haste rating
1@-10@Warglaive of Azzinoth 450 haste rating
Total 9,611 haste rating

With that you will be well over the haste rating needed as a combat rogue whilst Slice and Dice is active. Ergo, you only need a select few items from the list; it's up to you.

Most items have gem slots, in which you can put 40+ haste rating gems. I will assume a set gear with eight pieces and two gem slots on each piece. 8 x 2 x 40 = 640 haste rating.

Of course there are more ways to gain haste, including enchants and other items. This was an example of how to calculate and plan the gear you will have to get to hit 0.00.

Note that you will only need haste enchants and haste gems if you cannot obtain enough of the items listed above to attain 0.00 attack speed.

3.3 Gems

Gems are quite important, as they can make quite a difference in DPS and survivability. Choosing the correct gems can make the difference between winning and surviving that duel or doing more DPS to quickly run that instance you have to farm. Some gems are more suited for a certain situation than others.

You have two types of gems: Regular gems and meta gems.
Regular gems can either be red, yellow, blue, or prismatic and can be put in red, blue, yellow, and prismatic sockets.
Meta gems can only be put in meta sockets.

Regular Gems

Here is one gem I would suggest for regular sockets if you have not attained the 5160 haste needed: Quick Amberjewel - +40 Haste Rating. This gem simply grants the most benefit of all regular gems for a combat rogue.
Here is a gem I would suggest for regular sockets if you have already attained the 5160 haste needed: Delicate Inferno Ruby - +40 Agility Rating. It doesn't help much but you have nothing else worth putting in there.

Meta Gems

There are several meta gems I would suggest using. Some are more suitable in a certain situation than others. Meta gems consist out of two modifiers; stats and 'spells'. Stats basically grant you extra stats and 'spells' grant you something special and is basically the most important difference between meta gems. There are a few 'spells' that are the most usable;

  • 10% Reduced Stun Duration (Probably the most used gems in PvP. These can change the outcome of a duel as they can make you completely immune to stuns.)
  • 10% Reduced Fear Duration (One of the most used gems in PvE. A lot of mobs and bosses fear their enemies and these can make you completely immune to fear.)
  • 10% Reduced Snare/Root Duration (A useful one in PvP, but less useful than stun gems. Not being rooted by the enemy can allow you to stay within melee range to your opponent more easily.)
  • 3% Increased Critical Damage (Probably the most used gems in PvE. These can increase your DPS majorly.)
  • 2% Reduced Spell Damage Taken (Usable against spell casters, but less important than others.)
  • 1% Spell Reflect (Same as Reduced Spell Damage Taken, but in return for the little percentage you can use this to reflect the damage to your attacker.)

4. Poisons

Rogues have the ability to enhance their main hand, off hand, and ranged weapons with poisons. Poisons are a core part of the Rogue class and their use is required to maximize effectiveness. There are two types of poisons: damage and utility. Offensive poisons are used in order to increase the damage done by your melee attacks or to inflict damage over time. Utility poisons are used in order to inhibit your opponent and to increase your advantage. Here is a list of the available poisons and their effects:

Poison Type Effect
Instant Poison Offensive Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour. Each strike has a chance of poisoning the enemy which instantly inflicts X Nature damage.
Deadly Poison Offensive Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour. Each strike has a 30% chance of poisoning the enemy for X Nature damage over 12 sec. Stacks up to 5 times on a single target. Once stacked to 5 times, each application of Deadly Poison also causes the poison on the Rogue's other weapon to apply.
Wound Poison Utility Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour. Each strike has a chance of poisoning the enemy, causing X Nature damage and reducing all healing effects used on them by 50% for 15 sec.
Mind Numbing Poison Utility Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour. Each strike has a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy, increasing their casting time by 30% for 10 sec.
Crippling Poison Utility Coats a weapon with poison that lasts for 1 hour. Each strike has a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy, slowing their movement speed by 70% for 12 sec.

When it comes to which poisons you should use, it depends on the situation and who you are battling. Poisons may be applied while in stealth so you can change them before engaging someone in combat. On Pleaseland, the most commonly used poison is Instant Poison. Players usually coat their main hand and off hand weapons with Instant Poison as it instantly inflicts damage and it is not hard when you are haste capped to apply your poisons. Thus, your DPS is increased significantly which is pivotal in PVE. However, using Instant Poison in combination with Wound, Mind Numbing, or Crippling while in PVP can be quite effective as well.

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