Hacking and Scamming

What is hacking?

Hacking: noun, [ intrans. ] use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a computer or any other electric machine.
In World of Warcraft, being hacked refers to a person who gets unauthorized access to your WoW account just like it was his own. This way, he can do whatever you were able to do with your character, but this time, without your permission. Hacking is not something that you should simply leave alone. It is a very important issue, as in most cases, the hacker will get you banned or will steal your items and all that you farmed for.

What is scamming?

Scamming: noun informal, a dishonest scheme; a fraud : [with adj. ] an insurance scam also known as: Acquiring items or any other "possessions" from another player through misinformation, confusion, or fraud (Scamming).
When a person scams you, he pretty much steals something that you deserve from beneath your eyes. Nobody wants to get scammed and that sure is a fact. Therefore, you need to continue reading in order to find out how to stop it.

How to prevent yourself from being hacked?

The basic rules are obvious:
Do not give anyone access to your account.
Use numbers and symbols as well as letters to make your password harder to guess.
Don’t use a dictionary word as your password.
Don’t reuse passwords across accounts and services.
Do not use your name in the password.
If your password is ‘password’ or 'password123', slap yourself now.

Apart from this set of rules, there are a few others as well. You might have viruses with a keylogger systems installed on your PC but this is usually not the case while playing on the Pleaseland server. The main reason people get hacked is because of the fact that they let other people play on their accounts!

Warning: Letting other people play on your account or simply giving them your password is forbidden and it does lead to a ban, which is not what you want. In conclusion, follow the steps above and this way, you will not be hacked.

How to prevent yourself from being scammed?

Let's start off with this principle: If it seems way too good to be true, DO NOT accept the offer anyone would make to you.
The rest of this answer includes a number of rules you must remember while doing any transaction with any player, whoever he/she might be.
Trading BP: Whenever you trade BP, make sure that you know the person you are trading it too.
When trading items, make sure the person does not exchange the item in the trade bar with another one which has the same ingame icon. Always check if what you are trading is indeed what it must be.
Do not listen to everyone with the 'Blizz' tag near their names! A real game master has his 'blizz' tag before his name on the chat board and not after!
Never accept offers from people who offer to give you a GM account or who say that they will buy you VIP if you give them your username and password. They are scammers. Fullstop.

What to do if you have been hacked?

Try changing your password. If that does not work, email the admin at moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed#moc.liamtoh|wow-gnikhtaed describing her your issues.

What to do if you have been scammed?

Contact the admin with screenshots of the items you had. You can also post them on the forums for GMs to see and do something about it. Remember, scamming is against the rules, so if you have proof, the person who scammed you will pay for his work.

Thanks for reading. If anything is up, the guide will be updated.

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