Pleaseland's Currencies

1. Seals

There are three different types of seals; Warrior's Seals, Hero's Seals and Champions seals.

1.1 Warrior's Seals

Warrior's Seals are used as the main currency on Pleaseland and are the most used of all three types. They are used to trade items, buy gear and they are used on the auction house. Warrior's Seals are required to upgrade items and they are needed in upgrade quests. You can obtain Warrior's Seals by selling your items or services to other players and you can farm Warrior's Seals in private instances, meaning you continuously run an instance untill you have gained either a substantial amount of Warrior's Seals or you have reached your goal.

Warrior's Seals drop in the following instances;

  • Beast Paradise
  • Darkness Ruins
  • The Last Revelation
  • Cursed Canyon
  • Mysterious Island
  • Confusion Ruins
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Scarlet Coast
  • Temple Explore
  • Ragefire Chasm
  • Onslaught Harbor
  • New Stratholme
  • Flame Heights
  • Lost Space
  • Secret Canyon
  • Troll Forest
  • Draconic Island
  • Stromgarde

1.2 Hero's Seals

Hero's Seals are not used as much as Warrior's Seals. They are required to upgrade certain items and are needed in certain upgrade quests. You can often buy Hero's Seals from other players or you can make them for 10 Warrior's Seals at the "Assistant" in the Mission Area.

Hero's Seals drop in;

  • Proving Grounds
  • Death's Challenge
  • The Great Arena
  • Nagrand Arena

1.3 Champion's Seals

Champion's Seals are not used as much as Warrior's Seals, but they are used more than Hero's Seals. Champion's Seals are required to upgrade certain items and VIP sets. Champion's Seals are not dropped in any instance. You can obtain Champion's Seals by buying them from other players or you can make them for 100 Warrior's Seals or 10 Hero's Seals at the "Assistant" in the Mission Area.

2. Battle Points (BP)

Battle points are used to upgrade your gear, to buy materials needed for some upgrade quests and to buy materials needed for professions such as Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and more.

You can obtain BP by killing monsters in all Custom Instances or by killing other players that carry BP in PvP fights. BP can not be picked up and given to someone else in a trade window as many people have misunderstood the concept of trading BP. You can check the amount of Battle Points you have in your Pandora box which can be found in your bags. More information about Battle Points can be found here

3. Vote points (VT)

This currency can be only obtained if you vote for Pleaseland WoW. You can vote here
Vote Points can be spent to raise skills, to buy mounts, to buy companions, to buy stones/gems, gear and many other items you will need in order to upgrade some of the gear you might already have. The amount of vote points you have can be checked by opening up your Pandora box and clicking on 'BP&VT query' and also on pleaselands main website on your account info panel or on the voting section of the website.

4. Gold

Gold is not used that much here but it is still a pretty big necessity. This currency is not used in order to buy gear, but it is used to upgrade some of the VIP gear you may have and also to buy materials needed to do certain upgrades. For example you will need about 500K of gold to do the Nethreunne shirt quest. You can get gold by killing almost any mob in the game as most of them drop it.

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