How To Connect

1. Requirements:

  • Wow Cataclysm (Patch 4.0.6 - 4.3.2)
  • The Pleaseland launcher

2. How to connect

Step 1: Register here.

Step 2: Download the Pleaseland launcher and put it in your World of Warcraft folder.

Step 3: Run the Pleaseland launcher.

Step 4: Log in and enjoy your stay on Pleaseland.

3. Patch 4.3.2

If you get an error when running the launcher that says: "Failed to read file DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc", your firewall prevents the Pleaseland launcher from working properly and causes it to show errors. Don't worry, the Pleaseland launcher and the Pleaseland website are completely safe and virus-free. To fix this error, please add the Pleaseland launcher to the list of exceptions on your firewall or disable your firewall.

If you get the following error when running the game, don't worry. It's normal and shouldn't affect your ability to log in and play.


4. Tips, hints and trivia

  • Use the correct launcher for your OS (Operating System). If you use a Windows OS, use the Windows launcher. If you use a MAC OS, use the MAC launcher.
  • The MAC launcher currently supports patch 4.0.6 - 4.3.0 and doesn't support patch 4.3.2 yet. It will in the future.
  • The Pleaseland launcher for Windows is usable on all Windows versions, from Windows 95 to Windows 7.
  • The Pleaseland launcher for MAC is usable on MAC OSX 10.6 and 10.7.
  • Your realmlist will be modified automatically by the launcher and you do not need to set it manually.
  • You can often find your World of Warcraft folder at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft. If you have downloaded the whole folder from an external source and didn't use the Blizzard launcher to download and install World of Warcraft, your World of Warcraft folder is at the location where you saved it. You can identify your World of Wacraft folder by looking at the files inside, it should contain Wow.exe and Repair.exe for example.
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