Fury Warrior Compendium

1. Introduction

This is a compendium of information on the main aspects of fury warriors. It should contain everything regarding the basics of fury warriors and how they should be geared up to accomplish what they are working for. This is an advanced guide that can help new players start off as a warrior and can serve as a source of information for more experienced players. You could also use this as a base for your own compendium for other classes if you wish, but please keep the quality high if you do.

If you have any suggestions for this guide or any theories that can crank up your DPS or maximize your survivability in PvP, you can always post here in this thread, shoot me a PM or whisper me in-game.

2. Talents and Glyphs

2.1 Talents

As a fury warrior, you obviously wish to spec into fury. Why fury? Because it is basically the best overal spec for warriors on Pleaseland. It grants you haste, makes you able to dual-wield two-handed weapons and it enhances your DPS by a lot in comparison to the two other talent trees.

In section I will explain a lot about all the talents a fury warrior has access to. Please note that a fury warrior may not have access to all talents in protection and arms. Why do I rather explain all the talents than posting my build on here? So I can advise you which talents are the most important and based on that you can create your own build for the purpose you wish to use it for, rather than having to be obligated to use a certain build.

We have different types of talents:
Important - These are important talents that will either increase your capabilities as a warrior or are needed to work your way up to the last talent.
Optional - These are optional talents you may wish to choose depending on the purpose of your build and they can help you work your way up to the last talent.
Waste - You practically waste talent points by using these talents, as they are unneeded. Even if you wish to use them to work your way up, there are way better options.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
Blood Craze Important This talent has a chance of regaining a part of your health whenever you take any damage. It his helpful by increasing your survivabilty.
Battle Trance Waste Due to the heavy amounts of damage players deal on Pleaseland, you regain your maximum rage with every hit. Thanks do this, this talent becomes obsolute and unneeded.
Cruelty Optional You may take this talent to work your way up to 31 fury. Why would I take this talent rather than Battle Trance? Because not everybody might have 100% crit chance. If you happen to do so, don't mind this and take either one.
Executioner Optional If you are having trouble getting an attack speed of 0.00, a 25% boost can help you a lot at the last 20% of your target. However considering that you can only use it at the last 20%, it might not be as useful as other talents.
Booming Voice Important Gaining an additional 10 rage can be very useful in certain situations and also having a reduced cooldown on your basic shout, Battle Shout, can help you regaining rage or maintaining rage between fights even easier.
Rude Interruption Important This talent increases your damage output by 5% constantly when you use spells. Everything that increases your damage is helpful, especially when the increases are percentage wise.
Piercing Howl Important Very useful ability, in particular in PvP, since it slows the enemy, giving you a chance to escape his melee range and intercept back in if needed. It can also pull rogues out of stealth.
Flurry Important This talent increases your attack speed by 25% after dealing a critical strike. Practically one of the most important talents of the fury tree.
Death Wish Important A temporary damage increase of physical damage done by 20%, who doesn't want that?
Enrage Important Due to the large amount of items that grant haste on Pleaseland, this talent gets boosted a lot, since the proc rate is a lot higher than it is on retail. A constant 10% damage increase, it can't get more beautiful.
Die by the Sword Optional A nice talent, if I have to say so myself. It could be especially useful in PvP. It procs whenever you get hit, not only below 20% health, which makes it useful at the start of a fight, but due to the two min cooldown, the bug doesn't have a major impact on the talent itself.
Raging Blow Important A decent damage dealing ability you can use when Bloodthirst is on cooldown. It also grants you access to Rampage and Bloodsurge.
Rampage Optional Grants increased critical strike chance to you and your party members. It is a bit useful if you don't cap on critical strike chance.
Heroic Fury Important Makes you able to intercept twice in a short period of time, which can be a major advantage in PvP or in between bosses.
Furious Attacks Important A nice ability in PvP when you are up against a healing opponent. 10% less heals? It can make the difference between losing and winning.
Meat Cleaver Optional Not my immediate pick, since I rather use Heroic Strike than Cleave, due to the higher damage, but if you are up against multiple enemies, Cleave could be a useful ability and thereby making this talent also more valuable.
Intensify Rage Important Less cooldown on your major buffs? It can't get any nicer.
Bloodsurge Optional A very nice talent if I have to say so myself, but due to the fact that I have Bloodthirst and Raging Blow as well, it doesn't always fit well in my rotation.
Skirmisher Important Gives you the possibility to use intercept even more, making running bosses quicker and finishing enemies in PvP even easier.
Titan's Grip Important Being able to use two two-handed weapons is the strength of a fury warrior on Pleaseland, due to the vast amount of two-handed weapons.
Single-Minded Fury Optional If you happen to use two one-handed weapons, this talent is a major improvement to your DPS, due to the 20% damage increase and the exceptional improvement to the damage of your slam ability.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
War Academy Important A 15% increased damage output to some of your abilities. It can be quite usefull if you happen to use these abilities often enough.
Field Dressing Optional Greater amounts to the heals you get, it can be very useful if I have to say so myself.
Blitz Optional When you have to deal with multiple targets in an instance, stunning two of them two of them can help you kill them more easily. Especially in PvP this talent can help you a lot. But this talent only gets good if you happen to use charge often enough.
Tactical Mastery Optional Quite useful if you happen to change stances a lot or to generate some quick haste before going into combat, but in tight situations, changing stances might not be the wisest thing to do.
Second Wind Optional Could be useful when you're getting CC'd a lot, due to it's healing abilities, however the heals aren't that big. It could help you out in PvP though.
Deep Wounds Important Deals decent damage over time after crits, which could kill a fleeing enemy. Quite useful if I may say so myself.
Drums of War Optional Could be useful if you use rage-consumin shouts a lot, but you could use it for better purposes.


Talent Name Type Description / Information
Incite Waste Since your critial strike rating is probably high enough to deal crit every time you cast Heroic Strike, this talent is quite a waste to put talent points into.
Toughness Waste When you gain decent gear, you quickly cap your armor, making this talent obsolute and a waste to put talent points into.
Blood and Thunder Waste As a fury warrior, you won't spend as much time in Defensive Stance and Battle Stance, in which you can only use Rend and Thunder Clap.
Shield Specialization Waste As I have explained earlier, gaining rage is insanely easy. Also as a fury warrior, you rarely use a shield, at which this talent only grants you bonusses.
Shield Mastery Waste Unless you use Spell Reflect, this spell is a bit useless. Especially since you rarely use shield and use the spells, from which this talent benefits you, rarely.
Hold the Line Waste Since your critical strike rating is high enough, you don't need the additional crit rating.
Gag Order Waste Shield are rarely used as a fury warrior, making this talent obsolute.

2.2 Masteries

You have three different masteries as a warrior, each in a different talent tree. Depending on the spec you chose and the type of warrior you're going to be, you will get either of the three masteries. Because of the fact that you are going to be a fury warrior, since that's what this compendium is all about, you will get Unshackled Fury. You can see all the masteries by going to your talent tree and then clicking on "View Summaries" on the bottom of the window.

Unshackled Fury increases the benefit of abilities that cause or require you to be enraged by x%. Each point of Mastery increases enrage effects by an additional 5.60%.

2.3 Prime Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst Increases the damage of Bloodthirst by 10%. Bloodthirst is probably one of your main spells used in your rotation, due to which a 10% damage increase is quite helpful.
Bladestorm Waste Since you don't have Bladestorm as a fury warrior, using this is quite a waste.
Devastate Waste As a fury warrior, you won't have devastate either.
Mortal Strike Waste As a fury warrior, you won't have Mortal Strike.
Overpower Waste Overpower requires you to be in Battle Stance, which you are not most of the time as a fury warrior.
Raging Blow Waste By being capped on crit rating, you don't need this glyph.
Revenge Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.
Shield Slam Waste You don't wear shields as a fury warrior, neither will you use this spell.
Slam Waste Since you are probably capped on crit rating, this glyph is unnecessary.

2.4 Major Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Death Wish Important Makes you no longer take additional damage when you use Death Wish. Less damage means you survive more likely.
Intercept Important Stunning your opponents for one more second can make you able to deal significant additional damage or can even grant you the time to finish off your enemy.
Piercing Howl Optional More range on your Piercing Howl makes it easier for you to pull rogues out of stealth and slowing fleeing enemies in PvP.
Victory Rush Optional The additional healing received by using Victory Rush is quite decent and makes it a viable pick.
Cleaving Optional Hitting one more target with your Cleave can speed up farming when fighting multiple mobs at once or makes you able to deal with multiple enemies in PvP more easily.
Colossus Smash Waste Since Colossus Smash already makes you able to ignore all the armor of your opponent, having Sunder Armor on the enemy as well is unnecessary.
Heroic Throw Optional Applying Sunder Armor having to break your rotation and deal damage at the same time as well is quite useful.
Intervene Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.
Long Charge Waste The additional 5 yard range on your charge is not worth one of your three precious spots.
Rapid Charge Optional If you like using Charge at the start of a fight to keep your intercept off cooldown mid-fight, this ability could be useful. I wouldn't recommend it though.
Resonating Power Waste You won't use this spell and you probably don't have rage problems.
Shield Wall Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.
Shockwave Waste You don't have this spell as a fury warrior.
Spell Reflection Optional If you're quick with reflecting spells and you tend to use this spell a lot, it could be useful.
Sunder Armor Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.
Sweeping Strikes Waste You don't have this spell as a fury warrior.
Thunder Clap Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.

2.5 Minor Glyphs

Glyph Name Type Description / Information
Bloody Healing Optional Increases the healing gained from your Bloodthirst by 40%. It could be useful to remain in combat easier.
Enduring Victory Optional Gives you more time to use your victory rush, allowing you to time it better in mid-combat and decreasing the chance of the buff dispelling before you get the chance to use it.
Battle Waste The additional time on your Battle Shout is not really necessary.
Command Waste Same as Battle and you probably won't even use this as much as Battle Shout.
Berserker Rage Waste Unless you have rage problems, this glyph isn't much of use.
Demoralizing Shout Optional It can decrease the damage from your enemies over a longer period of time and due to the increased range, it makes it easier to pull rogues out of stealth.
Furious Sundering Waste You won't use this spell as a fury warrior.
Intimidating Shout Optional Due to to your enemies not moving, it can make it easier to get behind you enemy to start attacking again.

3. Gear

Well everybody knows that gear is really important, but what kind of gear is the best? What stats do you need to maximize your DPS or be able to run that instance? How much haste do you need to hit 0.00? What stat should I prioritize?

In this section I will outline all the stats that apply to a warrior, what they are used for, what their benefits are and how they can help you. Everyone is familiar with the basic stats, such as strength and stamina, but have you ever seen this stat and your mind went like "Oh good, lord. What is this magical thing"? No need to worry, you'll know the purpose and the benefits of every single stat after you've read the following subsection.

3.1 Stats

Stats are one of the most important things when gearing up and building your character. Stats define the strengths of your character and can make a difference between life or death in some situations, whether it is killing that enemy just before he kills you or having that little bit of health that kept you from dieing. Some stats increase your survivability, some stats increase your DPS, some do both and some might even have totally different purposes. Some stats are more important than others though and in the next paragraphs I will be explaining the prioritization, the importance and the basics of the stats.

Stats prioritization

In this paragraph I will explain in which order you have prioritise stats and how much you should get of each before going to the next one. Use your own common sense to choose which stats you prefer over others. This is a mere guideline to give you an overal idea of which stats are the most important and which are less important.

  1. Haste
  2. Dodge chance, crit chance and hit chance.
  3. Strength and stamina.
  4. Agility, expertise, mastery and resilience.
  5. Other stats

Once you hit the cap of a certain stat, there is no need to keep working on that stat anymore. If you wonder why I prioritised dodge chance, crit chance and hit chance so high, read the stats breakdown in the next paragraph.

Stats breakdown

In this paragraph I will explain the characteristics of the most important and the most common stats in game.


- Grants 2 attack power per 1 strength.
Strength increases your attack power. Attack power increases your DPS and increases the damage done by most of your damaging spells. Since attack power itself isn't obtainable in large quantities like strength, strength is your main road to gaining attack power. Strength is one of the most important stats to a warrior, however don't neglect other more important stats.


- Grants 1% Dodge Chance per 194 Agility.
- Grants 1% Critical Strike Chance per 244 Agility
Agility is also quite an important stat. Agility raises your chance to dodge and your chance to critically hit with your attacks. Increasing your dodge chance to 90% significantly increases your survivability and when your hits are critical every single time, it significantly increases your DPS as well. Agility is an important stat, but don't concentrate on it too much.


- Grants 14 health per 1 stamina.
Stamina increases your health by quite a decent amount. You could say that stamina is about as important as strength or maybe even more important. When another player targets you, the first thing they will notice is your health. If you have a low amount of health, you are most likely not geared up very well and if you have whole lot of health, you are most likely geared up very well. This is due to the fact that stamina comes along with almost all the gear.


A plain useless stat to warriors. It increases your spell power, which doesn't benefit you in anyway.


A plain useless stat to warriors as well. It increases your mana regeneration, but due to the fact that you don't use mana as a warrior, there is no need to stack it. Unless you feel like pretending to be a paladin every now and then.


You could say that as a warrior, this is your most important stat. Hitting 0.00 attack speed is what makes your DPS as a warrior so much higher than most other classes. But just simply hitting 0.00 isn't good enough, you wish to keep 0.00 constantly, because hitting it once for a few seconds and then losing it for 20 seconds is quite useless, your DPS might increase during those few seconds, but your overal DPS won't be affected as much.

Hit Chance

Being able to hit your enemies is quite important. You may have as much strength as you want and as much haste as you wish, but as long as you can't hit your enemies, it's of no use. A lot of gear comes with Hit Rating though, so you don't really have to worry about it.

Critical Strike Chance

Like explained earlier, critically hitting constantly can significantly increase your DPS. But just like with hit rating, a lot of gear comes with critical strike rating, so you don't really have to concentrate on it.


Expertise reduces the chance that your attack will be dodged or parried. You could also say, even though it's an incorrect statement, that expertise increases your chance to hit an enemy with a high dodge chance. This could help you a lot in PvP when fightin enemies with a lot of dodge chance, but when fighting enemies with low to none dodge chance or when fighting mobs, it's not very useful.


Mastery increases the benefits you gain from your spec mastery, explained earlier in the guide at paragraph 2.2 Masteries. Mastery can be quite useful and increasing your mastery can increase your DPS slightly. It also boosts the health generated by Enraged Regenation by quite a lot. Mastery is a useful stat, but you shouldn't prioritise it too much.


Armor decreases the physical damage taken by a percentage depending on the amount of armor you have. Armor is useful and greatly enhances your survivability. You gain a lot of armor from regular items, so there is no need to focus on it too much. Armor is capped at 75% physical damage reduction.


Dodge increases your chance to dodge. You can only dodge attacks from the front. Having a capped amount of dodge greatly increases your survivability and you shouldn't definately make sure you have 90% dodge at all times. You usually don't have to concentrate on dodge too much, since you gain quite a lot from agility.


Parry works almost the same as dodge, but is a lot harder to get. Don't focus on this stat.


Works nearly the same as the previous two, but shouldn't be focused on either, due to the fact that it's hard to a lot of as well.


This is a great stat for PvP. It decreases the damage done by player and their pets and minions. Resilience is capped at 25% though.


Resistances decrease the spell damage taken from certain pools. 1 Resistance decreases spell damage taken from that pool by around 14-15%.

3.2 Haste

You could say that haste is the most important stat around for fury warriors. It increases your attack speed and when your attack speed reaches 0.00, you will attack at an incredible speed and thus increasing your DPS by a lot.

To gain an attack speed of 0.00, 100% haste or 12900 haste rating is required.

As a fury warrior, you will probably have the talent Flurry, which increases your attack speed by 25%. This changes the amount of haste needed by quite a lot.
12900 x 0.75 = 9,675 haste rating.

There are quite a lot of items that grant haste rating. Here is a list of basic equipment that most players should be able to get.

Item Haste Rating
5@The Prince's Symbol of Cruelty 800 + 1935 haste rating
4@The Prince's Symbol of Cruelty 700 haste rating
5@The Prince's Cape of Cruelty 800 haste rating
5@Earthshaker's Rivalry Nut 800 haste rating
4@Earthshaker's Rivalry Nut 700 haste rating
5@Earthshaker's Strife Charm 800 haste rating
5@The Bronze Tabard 700 haste rating
Mysterious Unreal Light Sword 1926 haste rating
Total 9,161 haste rating

Now you only need 9,675 - 9,161 = 514 more haste rating or 4% haste.

Most items have gem slots, in which you can put 40+ haste rating gems. I will assume a set gear with eight pieces and two gem slots on each piece. 8 x 2 x 40 = 640 haste rating.

Ofcourse there are more ways to gain haste, including enchants and other items. This was an example of how to calculate and plan the gear you will have to get to hit 0.00.

3.3 Gems

Gems are quite important, as they can make quite a difference in DPS and survivability. Choosing the correct gems can make the difference between winning and surviving that duel or doing more DPS to quickly run that instance you have to farm. Some gems are more suited for a certain situation than others.

You have two types of gems: Regular gems and meta gems.
Regular gems can either be red, yellow, blue or prismatic and can be put in red, blue and yellow sockets.
Meta gems can only be put in meta sockets.

Regular Gems

I would suggest only using one gem for regular sockets: Quick Amberjewel - +40 Haste Rating. This gem simply grants the most benefit of all regular gems for a fury warrior.

Meta Gems

There are several meta gems I would suggest using. Some are more suitable in a certain situation than others. Meta gems consist out of two modifiers; stats and 'spells'. Stats basically grant you extra stats and 'spells' grant you something special and is basically the most important difference between meta gems. There are a few 'spells' that are the most usable;

  • 10% Reduced Stun Duration (Probably the most used gems in PvP. These can change the outcome of a duel as they can make you completely immune to stuns.)
  • 10% Reduced Fear Duration (One of the most used gems in PvE. A lot of mobs and bosses fear their enemies and these can make you completely immune to fear.)
  • 10% Reduced Snare/Root Duration (A useful one in PvP, but less useful than stun gems. Not being rooted by the enemy can allow you to stay within melee range to your opponent more easily.)
  • 3% Increased Critical Damage (Probably the most used gems in PvE. These can increase your DPS majorly.)
  • 2% Reduced Spell Damage Taken (Usable against spell casters, but less important than others.)
  • 1% Spell Reflect (Same as Reduced Spell Damage Taken, but in return for the little percentage you can use this to reflect the damage to your attacker.)

4. Spells

4.1 Spells breakdown

There are a lot of different spells a fury warrior can use. Most of the spells require a certain stance to be in. Every spell is useful in a different situation than others and some spells do more DPS than others. Using the rights spells is important to maximise your DPS and to make sure you beat your opponent in a duel.

Damaging Spells

Spell Name Description
Colossus Smash Does a decent amount of damage and most imporantly, it makes you able to completely ignore the armor of your opponent, thus increasing your DPS dramatically.
Heroic Strike One of your best damage spells. The best part about this spell is that it doesn't share a cooldown with all of your other spells, besides Cleave.
Bloodthirst Does nice damage and heals you a little bit on the next 3 attacks. A useful spell to use.
Victory Rush Certainly one of the best spells around. It heals for a lot after killing a mob or an enemy. Make sure to use it when you get low on health if you can use it. Make best use of this spell and time it right.
Raging Blow A spell that does decent damage. It doesn't deal as much as Heroic Strike or Bloodthirst, but it can be used as a filler when all of your other spells are on cooldown and you are off your global cooldown.
Intercept The best spell to engage a fight with. It stuns your target for 3 seconds, giving you a bit of time to deal a load of damage while not risking anything. Even if you use it in PvP and the opponent has stun gems, it's a useful gap closer and it makes you able to get in melee range of that mage that keeps running away.
Heroic Throw A ranged spell that does a bit of damage. Use it to finish an enemy, to apply bleed so it can't stealth or to keep someone out of melee range in combat so it can't run.
Heroic Leap You can use this as a gap closer, just like intercept. It doesn't stun however, but it does more damage and the damage is AoE, meaning it affects multiple enemies within range. You can use this to leap in front of the running target, so make it even more easy to stay in melee range.
Slam Deals a decent amount of damage, but shouldn't be used without Bloodsurge, due to the casting time on it.
Cleave Cleave is a spell that's a lot like Heroic Strike, but affects an additional enemy within range and does a little bit less damage. Use this in fights with multiple enemies.
Execute Doesn't really deal a lot of damage, but you can use it to get Executioner, which increases your attack speed.
Whirlwind Does a bit of damage to surrounding enemies. Useful to clear a group of enemies with lower health, but doesn't really increase your DPS.
Shattering Throw Deals a decent amount of damage and you can use this to get rid of that bubble that is protecting the paladin. Requires some time to cast and you have to be in Battle Stance though.

Situational spells and buffs

Spell Name Description
Berserker Rage A useful spell to get you out of sap or fear and it enrages you, making you able to use spells such as Raging Blow and Enraged Regeneration.
Enraged Regeneration Heals you for quite a lot over time. A useful spell to keep you alive during fights.
Pummel Interrupts casting and prevents spell casting in that spell pool for the next 4 seconds. Very useful.
Heroic Fury Resets the cooldown on your intercept and frees you from roots and snares. Very useful in PvP or when you don't want to wait for intercept to go off cooldown between bosses when running instances.
Recklessness Not very useful, since you probably have capped crit chance and it increases your damage taken.
Taunt You can use this to get aggro from a boss to keep your party members alive, but requires defensive stance. Not very usable overall.
Spell Reflection Reflects a spell. Very useful, but requires you to use a shield and to be in defensive stance. The cooldown isn't very high, so it can used quite quickly again.


Spell Name Description
Death Wish Increases your damage by 20%. Always have this buff up to maximise your DPS.
Inner Rage Reduces the cooldown on Heroic Strike and Cleave majorly and thus increasing your DPS a lot. Always have this buff up to maximise your DPS.
Battle Shout Gives a little bit of attack power, but most importantly, it generates rage. Use this before engaging a fight so that you can intercept your target or to give you that rage to use Piercing Howl or Demoralizing Shout to pull that rogue out of stealth.
Piercing Howl Slows your target down, so it can't run away or so that you can keep him off your back. It can also be used to pull rogues out of stealth. Very useful, but not applicable in all situations.
Intimidating Shout Fears your target and other enemies within range of your target. Useful when you have to escape or to give you time to increases the distance between you and the target, so you can use intercept.
Challenging Shout Forces enemies within range to attack you for six seconds. Not very useful to a fury warrior overal, but can be used to pull aggro of a party member so he can survive.

4.2 Rotation and spell prioritisation

A rotation is basically an order in which you use your spells. Using the correct rotation can maximise your DPS and makes sure you won't use the wrong spells at the wrong times. I will give the most basic rotation and spell prioritisation.

Colossus Smash -> Heroic Strike -> Bloodthirst -> Slam (if Bloodsurge is up) -> Raging Blow (filler) -> Bloodthirst -> Heroic Strike

This is the most basic rotation. It shouldn't be followed exactly, but it gives you an idea of what to use and when to use it.

  1. Death Wish - Always have this buff up.
  2. Inner Rage - Always have this buff up.
  3. Colossus Smash - Always use this when it's up and the target needs the debuff.
  4. Heroic Strike/Cleave- Always use this when available.
  5. Bloodthirst.
  6. Slam - If Bloodsurge is up.
  7. Raging Blow - Filler, meaning that you use his when the more important spells are on cooldown.

Using the spells in a correct order and at the correct moments requires you to use your brain. If the target is too far away, use intercept and don't spam heroic strike.

5. Pre-made builds

You can find other people's builds and other example builds here. You can use these to create your own build or you can simply use these builds yourself. If you have a build that you wish to add to this section, reply here with the build and what's so special about the build or send me a PM.

Grappemaker's Full Talents Build
A very useful build, but a bit pricy. Awesome DPS, some extra spells and you will always have Colossus Smash up.

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