Add On Guide

1. What is an add-on

An add-on is an external program which runs in your WoW game in order to improve your gaming experience. There are many types of add-ons. Some can show you cooldowns while others can change your whole user interface.
Here, you will learn how to enable, where to download and how to use an add-on.

2. Where can you download an add-on

There are a bunch of different sites on the internet from which you can have the possibility to download add-ons free of charge. The most popular website from which you can get add-ons is Curse

3. How to install an add-on

There are basically two ways in which you can get them working. The first one and the most used is dragging them into the add-on folder in your WoW folder. You can access it by following this route: World of Warcraft folder>Interface>Add-ons. The second way, which I prefer a lot more is by using a program which can be downloaded from Curse‘s website known as ’Curse client'. This application, lets you see and install add-ons just by clicking on them, and it saves up a lot of time.

4. How to disable/enable add-ons ingame

The option needed for disabling and enabling add-ons can be found on the page which shows up right after logging into World of Warcraft. When you are there, you should look for a red box with the text 'Addon' written on it. This red box can be found on the down left side of the screen. Click it and it should open up a menu where you will be able to tick/untick the boxes in order to enable or disable specific add-ons.

5. Deleting add-ons that you do not need anymore

If you got sick of an addon or if you simply do not like it, don't worry. Add-ons can be easily deleted. In order to do so, you will first have to open up your World of Warcraft folder, then you should go to the folder 'Interface' and from there to 'Add-ons'. When you are in the add-on folder, look for the folder where the addon which you would like to delete is located. Just click on the folder and drop it into the trash. It is that simple! Gone, forever!

6. What do add-ons look like on a user interface of a user

Well, this can change depending on the add-ons the said person is using. He could be using from 1 to more than a hundred add-ons to change the way he sees the game! So to all the people who ask this question, there is not a specific way an interface will look once you install add-ons on it! But you will be able to tell the difference pretty fast from the normal Blizzard interface to the one an add-on user has.

7. List of recommended add-ons

Now, this list can be huge but you will be provided with some of the most used add-ons!

Name of the addon Description
Recount Displays your DPS, DoT, HoT and a lot more.
Extra bars Adds 4 more bars which can be customized to your UI.
Cooldowns Shows a timer on your action bars, telling you how much you will have to wait until they can be used again.
!HealthWatch Gives you a warning when your health is lower than 30%.
Bagnon Displays all your bags together. This can really clean up all the clutter.
MoveAnything Allows you to move any of the items in your UI. Anywhere!
Errorfilter You don't get the red colour errors saying "You can't do that." "You are too far".
Dominos A simple add-on which changes your whole user interface.
X-perl UnitFrames Changes the look of the unit frames. You can even customize them!
Bartender4 Another great all UI changer.

8. Small note

The latest versions of most addons don't work for Pleaseland. That is because they are updated for the latest retail patch available, while Pleaseland still runs on 4.0.6.
No matter what version your client is, Pleaseland runs at 4.0.6 and so does the launcher. Because of this, you will have to download add ons which still work on 4.0.6.

If anything is up, the guide will be updated. The original guide made by the same person can be found here.
Thank you for reading.

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